What is SCORE Football? Which NFL Rookies Do You Get In 2021?

For those of you just getting back into the hobby of collecting sports cards, there's a lot to learn, trust me!

I just re-entered the hobby this year after a 30 year hiatus, and I've already literally written a book about how much I've learned - available on Amazon at https://nooffseason.com/book ...

And that book was ONLY about what to do with your OLD card collection, never mind all there is to learn about the new ultra modern cards that seemingly come out every week now.

Back in the day, the card companies like Topps, Upper Deck, Donruss, Score, Panini, Pro Set, Fleer, Leaf and Skybox - to name a few - came out with one set, and an update or Series 2 set - per major sport - per year.

Now, with Panini owning almost all of the aforementioned brands, there are multiple sets per sport per year and releases every week.

One of the more confusing aspects of the release of these sets for the newcomers to the hobby, is SCORE Football. SCORE Football is the first release for the 2021 NFL Season, and the first release with official RCs or Rookie Cards for the 2021 NFL Draft picks.

What makes it a bit confusing, is that 2020 releases such as Chronicles, which features 2020 rookie cards, are still pretty easy to get floating around. the secondary market.

In this video, brought to you but Market Movers App by Sports Card Investor (save 20% by clicking here or using the promo code nooffseason), my 11-year old son Max and I rip a couple fat packs of 2021 SCORE football, and get excited about this year's rookie class.

See who we pulled! Trevor Lawrence perhaps?

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