Why Now Is A Critical Time For My Sports Cards Business!

Wow, what a crazy time. In just six months I've invested time and money into a new sports cards start-up company, NoOffseason.com.

During those six months, the sports cards market has shown a ridiculous amount of volatility in pricing, as well as a stupid amount of internal conflict and debate. As you can imagine, the sports cards community is made up of some major factions. One being the people who have collected sports cards for the last 30-40 years and have deeply experienced many different phases of the business.

Another being the investors. These are the people with a lot of money who are willing to drop thousands of dollars on single cards and sealed boxes of vintage cards. Investors are typically not emotionally attached to particular cards, and view them as stocks that they can invest in for the short term or long term. They don't care how much they pay for cards - they just want their values to increase over months and years.

Then, you have the flippers. These are the people that rush to the retail stores to buy as many boxes as they can for the MSRP, only to list them an hour later on eBay and cash out for 5x-10x what they paid for them.

The latter two groups have made the most headlines recently, buying cards at auctions for millions of dollars and pulling guns on each other in Target parking lots, respectively.

In spite of the righteousness of group 1, and the controversy surrounding groups 2 and 3, I have no problem with any of these three groups.

More power to all of them.

But I'm here to say I'm not interested in being in any of them.

Oh, and I forgot a fourth group that likely overlaps these three. The content creators. These include breakers, razzers and YouTubers. The latter of which LOVES the click-baity headlines like "THE SPORTS CARD MARKET IS CRASHING!!!!"

I'm sick of it honestly. And I'm doing something about it at NoOffseason.com. In this video/podcast I explain how I'm combining what I've learned throughout my 20 year business career in professional sports, fantasy sports, business, marketing and web design with what I've learned over the last six months deeply entrenched in the sports cards industry and my lifelong passion for sports and sports cards into berthing a new start-up business at NoOffseason.com

I'd love it if you join me on my mission to taking the pricing volatility and stress out of collecting sports cards.

Let's avoid all the B.S. and just be Happy Collecting.

Paul Hickey is a Digital Creator, spending about about 60% of his work time building WordPress websites for small businesses, 20% of his work time running an eCommerce Sports Cards and Digital Collectibles business at NoOffseason.com and another 20% of his work time authoring books and creating digital art in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

In each of his entrepreneurial endeavors, he believes it's important to create a community. He strives to do this by creating helpful content for his audience (community members) to learn about the topics he's interested in.

This is why he creates content on the following topics:

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