Oneil Cruz Time to Buy?

Oneil Cruz Time to Buy?

Contributed by Chad Guell

If a star player gets injured, can you still make money on his cards? When is the right time to buy an injured players cards? One thing you will learn over time is that the card market has a very short memory. What do I mean by this? The card market is very much a what have you done for me lately market.

Perfect example is a players card price rises dramatically leading up to the Championship of what ever sport it is and then after winning the Championship their card prices start to fall. This is why buying in on an electric player while they are out injured often times yields great results. Most recently it was Jamal Murray. If you stock piled his cards from the time he got injured up until about 2 month’s or so before the NBA finals you could have made some very nice profits!

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  1. Jeff Ullrich on June 21, 2023 at 3:52 am

    Great work Chad, thank you.

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