Rippin’ Packs With My Kids – NBA Stickers and Cards!

When I first got back into The Hobby in early January of 2021, I really didn't know I'd be where I am today. I've launched an eCommerce membership-based website now that focuses as much on families having fun with cards as it does on serious investors and flippers getting what they need also.

I'll admit, early on, I was focused on making a buck doing what I love. Now, I'm more focused on just doing what I love.

Case in point, ripping packs with my kids. The NBA Stickers & Cards Collection is the perfect mix of family fun and potential reward from a monetary standpoint.

It features premier rare rookie cards and stickers of the top guys like LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards and James Wiseman.

In addition, ballers with serious potential, like Obi Toppin, Patrick Williams, Devin Vassell and more have rookie and draft stickers and official "RC" cards that standout in the collection.

The NBA Stickers & Cards Collection also has really cool inserts and parallels like shiny holo stickers of the top players from each team, new Fathead stickers of the top players from each team, All-Star stickers, team holo logos and several Logoman Puzzle-piece stickers.

There's also regular season highlights and playoff highlights featuring the top players from each team. And, let's not forget, for the kids who want to collect the whole set, the sticker album itself. It's like a magazine, binder and checklist all-in-one.

When I first started acquiring the sealed boxes and packs of the NBA Stickers & Cards Collection, my thought was that I'd keep them all sealed and sell them at for a mark-up, since they sold out pretty quickly online at

Living in Spain, I can still get them at retail, and online at Panini's Spanish Website.

While I still have several sealed boxes and packs available for purchase, I have to say, I've had more fun than imagined ripping packs with my son and daughter, which is why I wanted to share this video with you so you can see what this collection is like and who we've pulled over the last few weeks.

This compilation video features some cards that are now available on our NBA page here.


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