Sports Card Strategy 100th Ep: Why Rose Zhang SI Kids Cards Will Rise In Value; Flipping To Fund Your PC

Welcome to Episode 100 of the Sports Card Strategy Show with hosts Paul Hickey of, the Sports Card Doctor, Chad Guell, of, and Kendall "Lefty" McKee of, and Just Breaks.

Thank you to our listeners/audience for 100 EPISODES!

In this 100th episode special, we talk about L's, W's, Buys, and Sells.

L - Making plays that depend on the grade. Vintage cards, highly graded by CSG, SGC, and submitted to PSA are solely dependent on the grade.
W - purchased a Isaiah Thomas card for $150 and sold it for $424. Shedeur Sanders Play
Buying - Arch Manning. FLAG PLANT - ROSE ZHANG will be the best card on that sheet … Better than Messi.
Sell - D’Andre Swift. Get in and get out QUICK. SELL ALERTS!
Strategy - Make plays where the grade is a bonus. RTAs, Bowman Chrome 1st Autos, etc. … nice segue into Ws, who I’m buying, recent wins like Wemby, Shedeur, etc.

Buy - Joe Burrow after his week one 82-yard performance. Took my own advice from the article and on Friday night Bought PSA 10’s of Field Level Silver for $750 (which I just sold for $1000 before week 1), concourse silver for $102, Premium level silver for $108, and a Prizm laser for $525. I also bought 2 hobby boxes of Bowman U football 2023.
Sell - Ethan Salas cards if you have them. They just came out and his prices are higher than Jackson Holliday. It won’t sustain so sell now and buy back in after they correct.

D’Andre Swift after a huge performance on Thursday night football should be a rise in hype around him. I just don’t believe in him long term so sell now.

Deion Sanders Cards with all the hype around Colorado Deions cards have seen a huge spike in value. This won’t last! There may be a new higher floor than before but they won’t sustain these current prices

Strategy - Selling off as much inventory as I can to liquidate for some mid-season dips as well as already graded NBA cards. Too late to buy and grade NBA that window has closed buy already graded

L - not buying into Zach Wilson when I mentioned it in June. I didn’t believe that Rodgers would actually end up in New York and thought Wilson would be the day-one starter. The play would have still worked out. Chad and Lefty tried to buy into a break this week that never filled.
W - Listed 41 auctions in the past two weeks of bulk cards that I didn’t see a top end for over 12 months. Money TBD in the end but already over $350 recouped to reinvest. A beautiful gift from SSI for my daughter.
Buying - Austin Shenton. If he does get called up, he could rise quickly. His auto cards are $2 right now. Buy Minshew!
Sell - Any Bowman 23 Chrome Auto - sell it. Getting ready to Corbin Carroll because he will probably win Rookie of the Year.

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