Sports Card Strategy Ep. 105: NBA Season Is Here! NFL Midseason Lull, How To Go Where They Ain’t

Welcome to Episode 105 of the Sports Card Strategy Show with hosts Paul Hickey, the Sports Card Doctor, Chad Guell and Kendall "Lefty" McKee of

Today we discuss our Losses, Wins, who we are Buying and who we are Selling.

L - Caleb Williams not playing well and therefore may not win the heisman. He panini instant experience. I will talk through looking at my arch manning cards under a microscope and my Wymbys and talk about this with the scotch tape. What an absolute blunder.
W - So much love for the Texas Rangers. GIO REYNA IS BACK. The blonde hair reyna is such a vibe and I am all in on it.
B - speculation play on Dennis Sch Oder
S - Gio Reyna maybe depending on prices. Could be up for a big move this summer might hold my big cards till then

L - Panini Instant. Topps Now cards come and they look like no humans have ever touched the cards and they grade that way too. Panini cards come in a penny sleeve and a toploader with scotch tape. So unprofessional and they grade that way too. I will not purchase panini instant anymore
W - went to a local trade night and was able to trade a few cards for a nolan ryan autographed postcard for my PC
B - jackson chourio base 1st psa 10’s and james wood base 1st psa 10s watching acuna jr cards closely to see where they bottom out at
S - trea turner, kyle schwarber, bryce harper, yordan alvarez, corbin carrol, evan carter


L - Michigan State Football LOSS and 25 Wemby’s came in the same format as the 10 Arch’s. Scotch taped top loaded in a rubber band. 🙂 Scotch tape bandit.
W - My eBay Auctions getting quite a bit of action; Wembys, Wilts,

FIRST EVER WHATNOT THIS WEDNESDAY! Wembys, Premium Packs and Bowman U Chrome 2023 Hobby Packs!

B - Strategy: Go Where They Ain’t - Burrow, SHOHEI, Jackson Holliday
Who I’m buying…
Strategy: Buy Auctions for Bowman U Chrome 2023 - Long runway (I know I said I’d only be buying Jackson Holliday, but I started also buying Drake May, Travis Hunter, Marvin Harrison, Jr. and Shedeur Sanders Bowman Chrome 1st Autos
Shedeur Base Autos just under $200
Travis Hunter Refractor Autos for around $120
Drake May Refractor Autos for around $160
Marvin Harrison Jr base autos for around $150-$170
Marvin Harrison Jr. /75 yellow auto for $260

Check out NOOFFSEASON.COM for buys of the week article and top eBay auctions ending today -

S - I’m selling my Wemby PSA 10s. Right Card. Right Player. Right Time to Sell.
Who you should sell…if ya got ‘em - Julio Jones, Gio Reyna, Travis Etienne, Lamar Jackson, Mac Jones, Gardner Minshew, Desmond Ridder, Myles Garrett, Alvin Kamara, Tim Duncan.

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