Sports Card Strategy Overflow Show: SI Kids Cards, eBay Auctions vs. Buy It Now, Derek Jeter Reprint & How To Get Started Selling Sports Cards

In this episode of The Overflow Show, we talk with premium members about how to get started from ground zero on the hobby buying and selling sports cards. What tools to use? When to start an eBay account and more.

We also answer the following questions:

1. Michael Williams kicks of the show looking for feedback on value for a Derek Jeter card:

Michael has a 2021 Topps Tribute Derek Jeter Through The Years Auto Reprint 1/1 #TTY-21. He realized it was a reprint and placed it aside several months ago.

In June 2023, a PSA 10 went for $306. Several other raw versions in the past have gone north of $100.

None of the cards he’s looked at online have been serial numbered, but his version is serial numbered 2/10.

Is there any significant value with this card and should it be submitted to PSA for grading?

2. Phil Limauge asks for clarification on Messi plays after watching Episode 99 of the SCSS:

What's the selling play on the Messi SI for Kids card?
He missed out on the Wembenyama SI for Kids last time and didn't want to miss again.

Since this isn't Messi's first card like Wemby's, is it even worth grading? Is the play just to get in at a decent price and wait for the market to build?

3. Marty Friel sticks with the SI Kids trend and asks how we decide which SI Kids cards to get graded:

How do we decide which SI for Kids cards are worth getting graded? Sports without many traditional cards like golf? College stars that don't have pro uniforms yet? How much does the condition matter? SI for Kids cards don’t typically grade very high, so is it even worth it? Are non-10’s good investments?

We also answer if the cards in each issue are the same for every subscriber, or randomized?

4. Marty has also been listening to the ongoing debate between Paul & Chad of Buy it Now/OBO vs 10-day Auctions for Selling on eBay, has some input and looks for more feedback:

Marty FEELS like auctions usually end up selling for less than OBO, is there merit to this? He thinks auctions make sense for cards you’re trying to quickly dump, but what about for a card that has really good value? Why is one better than the other there?

5. Next Landin Holland gets feedback regarding monetizing cards:

What is the best way to start monetizing cards? Right now he has a few cards of value and a lot of low value football pulled from retail packs. They’re basically a few $20 to $50 cards and one solid $80 soccer card. The soccer card is an optic purple cracked ice /25 Erling Haaland. The other cards examples are a Juan Soto Topps Chrome Rookie, Ohtani insert rookie, Kenny Pickett Black, etc. He has a ton of retail parallels of rookies, with most values coming in around 3.00 to 10.00. All cards are raw and mostly football. How does he monetize this? Start generating revenue through sales? What is the best path for new sellers?

6. Rounding off the show is Darrel aka Burt Fields, who has been collecting for a couple decades and has roughly 3000 cards in sleeves ready to be graded, and he’s looking to get into the flipping game:

Where does he start? Does he need to organize and list them all in Excel? Does he list with Kronos or start an eBay store? Does he need a scanner? Does he submit all to be graded and if so, does he open an PSA account?

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  1. Barry Siff on September 22, 2023 at 7:28 am

    Terrific show for someone in the early stages of heavy collecting/flipping. Still preparing with tens of thousands of cards to get on eBay. We have a demo car next week with Kronozio.

  2. Paul Hickey on October 11, 2023 at 2:17 pm

    Thanks Barry! Let us know how things go with Kronozio and how else we can help. 🙂

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