Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Sports Card Collectors!

Friends and Families! Welcome to a second edition of Top Father's Day Gift Ideas for Sports Card Collectors! The first edition here was so good that we had to come back with another.


But seriously, in addition to our earlier suggestions for "dad" of ToppsNOW, Panini Instant, Topps Project70 cards and my book - What To Do After You Find Your Old Sports Card Collection: The Middle Aged Dude's Guide To Buying Old Sports Cards (, we've got a 20% promo code for Market Movers App (, and two new awesome products brought to you by awesome business owners.

Let's start with the addition of the Market Movers App promo code. Market Movers from Sports Card Investor is the best way to track the ever-changing value of not only your collection, but to help you make decisions on what cards to buy and WHEN to buy them. Click this link or use promo code nooffseason to save 20%.

Next addition to the top Father's Day gift ideas for sports card collectors is SlabShelf. Go to and find the best display case I've ever seen for "dad's graded/slabbed cards.

Mom's should appreciate this because it's not gaudy at all, and it limits dad to displaying only eight of his favorite cards. So you can barely see it, and it limits him to make a decision and not go nuts displaying cards!

Dad will love slab shelf because it fits easily wherever he wants to display his graded cards. Slab Shelf is a perfect gift for anyone who doesn't know which cards to buy for dad.

Next up is I am super passionate about kids getting into the hobby and loving sports cards and collectables. Not only is it amazing bonding and super fun, but it's important for the future of the sports cards business.

At Kid Cards Club, YOU are the coach. Pick your favorite sport, team, and player, and let them knock it out of the park! They custom build and ship the perfect box for you and your child based on your choices each month.

Visit and use the promo code DAD10 before June 15 to save!

Last but not least, is our premium membership.

Join our premium membership community, and buy our cards for the lowest price you can find!

Becoming a premium member of gives you the following benefits that matter most to Sports Card Investors and Collectors:

I'm combining what I've learned throughout my 20 year business career in professional sports, fantasy sports, business, marketing and web design with what I've learned over the last six months deeply entrenched in the sports cards industry and my lifelong passion for sports and sports cards into berthing a new start-up business at

I'd love it if you join me on my mission to taking the pricing volatility and stress out of collecting sports cards.

Happy Father's Day and Happy Collecting!

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