Top Sleeper Golf Cards To Buy Now


Contributed by Conner Barnett

In a sports world dominated by the 3 powerhouses of Football, Baseball, and Basketball, Golf is often pushed to the wayside. Today however, it will be receiving some well-deserved attention. The game of golf has grown drastically the last several years, and if you can’t tell from visiting your local municipal course, just go peak at the increased purse amounts for your favorite weekend tournament. With Tiger Woods well past his prime, the fight for the title of #1 Player In the World sits in a state of continuous tug-of-war between several top names. With the Ryder Cup quickly approaching, there are some strong profit plays to be made. Today we’ll be discussing names ranging from retired all-time greats, to young studs fighting to climb the ranks and create a legacy of their own. Let’s get started.

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