Sports Card Strategy Show (and Tell): Ohtani Injury; How to Find Deals On Raw Cards; Messi RC Clarification

Welcome to the next episode of Sports Card Strategy Show (and Tell), a natural extension of our flagship show, but with a focus on your cards, questions and ability to share the who, what and why about your PC and flipping game.

Breaking News: Shohei Ohtani tore his UCL as a pitcher against the Cincinnati Reds in a double header. Shohei continues to play in game two. Shohei is going to have surgery and we’re wondering if he will pitch again. What does this mean for Shohei cards? He is a long term hold but we’ll take a hit in the pitching market which will affect his card value. Even if we see a 10-15% drop it’s a good time to buy. Hopefully you moved your Shohei cards in July. If not, hold on to your cards.

Thanks Lefty for the news update!

First up Paul Schmitz aka Buckeye Dill with his PSA submission.
Optic Donruss 2021 Trevor Lawrence PSA 6
Crunch time Garrett Wilson 2022 Donruss PSA 8
1998 Randy Moss Rookie PSA 8
2022 Silver Prizm Select Tua Tagovailoa
2022 Tom Brady Silver Prizm PSA 9
2021 Donruss Optic Justin Fields PSA 9
Justin Fields 2021 Green Mosaic Gem Mint 10
Trevor Lawrence 2021 Mosaic Camo Pink Gem mint 10
Justin Fields 2021 Mosaic Gem Mint 10

Paul experienced the same result on his Trevor Lawrence Optics. They didn’t come back graded very high.

Marty Friel with his first show and tell with the NoOffSeason Premium Pack!
Sports Card Strategy T-Shirt
Nba Hoops
Bowman Baseball
Sage Football
Topps Chrome Baseball

Craigs Cards11 with the debut of his first show and tell submission!
Matt Mclain Auto
Elly De La Cruz
Jackson Churio Sapphire
Roman Anthony Auto
James Wood Sapphire
Ryan Clifford
Noelvi Marte

Strategy - Finding sellers that don’t have many graded cards listed. Don’t buy raw cards from anyone that also has graded cards listed.

Paul Show and Tell
On the we’ve started buy and sell alerts, like the Arch Manning Prizm cards, on sale now!
Also on the website, we are featuring auctions ending today.
We’ve also updated our Basketball and Football rankings.

Kevin aka Southern Soccer Idiot with an eBay purchase reveal.
eBay authentication box.
Lionel Messi Rookie Card 2004/2005 Campions. Printed in the language Catalan which is much more rare than the Spanish version. 2019 topps chrome sapphire Erling Haaland that sold for $800 at the time. So Kevin also traded him for the 2019 Lionel Messi Donruss Optic Halo Argentina Jersey. Kevin has been sitting on this card for 2 years. He made a deal to sell the cards pick up a few great soccer cards but it didn’t end up working out so he is keeping this card for his PC and plans on holding onto it for years to come.

Ending the show with OHMYSHOES!
Mrs. Shoes with the Josh Giddy cards. Rated rookie base, Donruss rated rookie base card.
Jr. Shoes with a 2022 glass mosaic PSA 9 Tyreek Hill. Donruss Optic Rated Rookie Optic Bam Adebayo, Gem Mint 10.
OHMYSHOES with Tyrese Haliburton Blue Velocity Rated Rookie. Mosaic Pink Camo Prizm Tyrese Haliburton. Mosaic Red Tyrese Haliburton, Select blue white and purple Cracked Ice. 2021 Select, Red White and Orange Shimmer Prizm.

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